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AP Dry Bleed Coupling 150° CP6300-36

$355.49 inc. GST

With a non threaded outlet and one way valve this AP Dry Bleed Coupling incorporates a 150° bend which assists when bleeding AP Dry Bleed Valves in a confined environment. The male dry bleed valve is fitted in place of the bleed screw, and once fitted there should be no need to loosen or remove the coupling unless it is being replaced. The male coupling is basically a valve that is opened when the female bleed valve coupling is connected to it. The female coupling is connected to a bleed pipe and container allowing brake fluid to be pushed through the system to bleed it.

*Coupling Repair Kit including seals is available – CP6300-32RK

Product Features

  • Coupling used in conjunction with AP Dry Bleed Valves
  • Removes the possibility of introducing air into the system via bleed screws
  • Commonly used in Supercars and Super2 series
  • Saves time & provides a more constant brake feeling