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Castrol SYNTRAX Long Life 75W-90 (SAF-XO)- 20litre

$395.55 inc. GST

Product Description

Castrol SYNTRAX Long Life 75W-90 (Formerly SAF-XO) Gear Oil Synthetic is a full synthetic multi-grade final drive lubricant. It is Castrol’s prime recommendation for final drives in heavy commercial vehicles, and is approved by MAN, Scania and ZF. Specially designed and approved by BMW for use in all BMW final drives fitted with conventional (non limited slip) differentials. It is designed to provide superior protection at both high and low operating temperatures where conventional mineral oils prove unsatisfactory.  Used in V8supercars 1994-2012 in Holinger H6S and RD6-S Gearboxes

Item No: 3377688