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CoolShirt Club Water 19qt System

$859.99 inc. GST

The COOLSHIRT Club Water System is the top driver cooling system available today. Used by drivers in all levels of racing, this system delivers comfortable cooled water to the driver’s shirt, keeping the driver more comfortable, safe, and mentally alert, as well as helping prevent heat exhaustion. COOLSHIRT Personal Cooling Systems are manufactured in the USA and are renowned for their product quality. Perfect for road racing, dirt track, drags and many other racing types

The 19qt cooling box is equipped with an internal pump which supplies cooled water to the shirt through 8ft of double insulated hose with automatic shutoff/quick disconnects. Mounting Tray & Strap ensures the Cooling Box stays secure when on track. The compact system is designed for use when space is limited without sacrificing cooling efficiency.

Kit Includes:

-19qt Cooler Box w/ pump

-8ft double insulated hose with automatic shutoff/quick disconnect fittings

-19qt Mounting Tray Assembly w/ Strap



Cooler Box Dimensions

15.5″ x 13″ x 10.5″

Cooler Box Weight

4 lbs

Continuous Cooling Capacity

300 Watts, 1023 BTU/hr

Cooler Size


Product Features

  • Keeps you cool and alert so you maintain concentration
  • Kit Includes Cooling Box, Hose & Mounting Tray
  • Favourite among State & National competitors