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Tilton 900-Series Floor Mount Pedal Assembly - TIL72-903

$3,489.99 inc. GST

Tilton’s 900-Series pedal assembly is simply the top of the line, featuring latest in pivot-mount master cylinder technology that offers the ultimate in balance bar efficiency, providing exceptional driver feedback and repeatable braking. Adjustable pedal ratios (4.52:1, 4.65:1, 4.78:1, 4.91:1, 5.32:1, 5.48:1, 5.63:1, 5.80:1) enable the brake pedal to be tuned to driver preference without having to change master cylinder bore size. The 900-Series balance bar system is engineered to maximize dual master cylinder braking systems by eliminating friction typically found in traditional balance bar systems. With a machined billet aluminum black, anodized clevises & needle bearings which ensure smooth operation whilst the 4-way bearing provides maximum movement range. The optional Tilton Throttle Linkage Kits are designed for use with either mechanical or drive-by-wire throttle systems. The 900-Series Pedal Assembly is designed to accept Tilton 78-Series Master Cylinders for Brake & Clutches applications whilst the ABS compatible 79-Series Master Cylinders can be used for Brake Application.

Note – Master Cylinders sold separately




Mounting location:


Pedal material:

Billet aluminum


5.0lbs / 2.3kg

Balance Bar:


Optional Mechanical Throttle Linkage Kit:


Optional 90° Balance Bar Coupler Assembly:


Product Features:

  • Pivot-mount master cylinders and fixed “gimbal-type” balance bar virtually eliminates the common problem of brake bias migration through braking zone
  • Billet aluminum frame and pedals with adjustable foot pads and anti-slip surface
  • Adjustable pedal ratios enables tuning for driver preference without having to change master cylinder bore size
  • 7/16”-20 balance bar provides maximum rigidity.  Integrated angle limit in case of front or rear brake circuit failure. Longer clevis for increased front master cylinder stroke
  • Adjustable throttle stops limit pedal movement in both directions and adjustable clutch stop prevents clutch over-stroking