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Woodward SCA700 Safety Steering Column - 13.75"

$896.99 inc. GST

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Product Description

P/N: SCA700-13.75-SL17 
– NASCAR Approved for Cup competition since 1997
– Controlled Supercar Steering Column since 2013

The SCA700 is the premium choice to protect the driver against being speared in a front-end collision. A steel torque tube rotates inside a lightweight aluminium jacket, with a splined shaft which can telescope inside the torque tube for a full nine inches (220mm), adding a large margin of safety for the driver during collapse of the forward crush zone in a high-speed crash. Based on a combination of standard Woodward components, an SCA700 can be built to a length that will closely fit almost any race car and driver.  Please refer to for further technical information or contact us here at MPA

Housing Length:  13.75 Inches
Exposed Spline Shaft Length:  (SL17)
Shaft Spline Size:  .750×20
Weight:  2.3kg

Note: Woodward offer a variety of different lengths of the SCA700 Steering Column that can be made to order. Please contact us for your specific requirements.